I have a habit of overplaying songs I like. E hates this, but it's her fault - she makes me aware of new catchy songs. In fact, I've paid for her Spotify subscription as she has great music taste. My current overplayed song is: Chandelier by Sia. Have a look on YouTube for her wacky … Continue reading Overplay

Sun, fun and scuba

Since the cancellation of E's first IVF cycle, our life has sort of gone back to 'normal', well normal being that E doesn't have to use the nasal spray every few hours and doesn't have to attend umpteenth appointments for scans, bloods and bad news. The cancellation allowed us to refocus back to the holiday … Continue reading Sun, fun and scuba


Day 2 of 2WW. We've been trying to do things on the weekend- making most of the good weather. E has been complaining of intermittent cramps a few hours after the progesterone pessary is inserted. Unfortunately the nurses never mentioned any side effects and the doctors medicines bible- the BNF (British National Formulary) does not … Continue reading Distractions