“It’s a girl…”

I sit in bed whilst E cries uncontrollably and there is nothing I can do to console her. We've just found out her sister, who E is very close to has just given birth to her 2nd child. A girl.  E always wanted a girl. She has thought of names, but I don't want to … Continue reading “It’s a girl…”

From dark days into the light

Limbo ... my life is in limbo We're in limbo. Between failed IVF cycle, rest and waiting for a period. Obviously E is most upset about it all... Obviously... It's strange. I've gone from writing loads of entries for this blog to being to scared to write one- worried about disappointment from my readers. My … Continue reading From dark days into the light


Sadly cycle 1 IUI failed. E was very upset. I felt numb. E sensed it hadn't worked a few days earlier and so did I. I tried not to fix things. Let her cry. Reassured her where I could. Now she is waiting for AF post progesterone pessary cessation. When will it start and how … Continue reading BFN