A doggie

One thing we thought about more often this pre-cycle and a lot over the years is getting a doggie 🐕. We both love dogs although I've never owned one. E's parents had two dogs in succession and I met their last one in old age- a 14 year old, arthritic, likely demented Golden Labrador called … Continue reading A doggie


It's been over a year since a wrote a post because I felt I had nothing to share and had enough of posting negative, miserable blogs. It was a tough time, E's sister had her second child and our 3rd IVF cycle hadn't worked. Then a few months later we tried a 4th miserable cycle … Continue reading OMG!!!

The Fear

6 months. Well, almost 6 months. Away from this fertility rollercoaster. But we're aiming for June to restart IVF cycle 3 after 2 cancellations and a long break. The fear is back... but we're still in it together!  Let's see how life plays out...