‘Dear baby mine’

Thought I'd share the link to a BBC Radio 4 drama that played recently which E encouraged me to listen to.  Each episode is 15 mins long and there are 5 episodes. The drama is about the affects of infertility on a couple but interestingly the point of view is from a man with azoospermia, … Continue reading ‘Dear baby mine’

Protecting myself 

I'm currently at home by myself on a chilly Winter day watching a 14 year old programme about the pyramids on the National Geographic Channel.  I've encouraged E to go and visit her sister and nephew. She had been umming and erring about going but was missing both of them.  My reticence to see them … Continue reading Protecting myself 

Gearing up

When I got home on Friday evening I sensed that E was anxious and preoccupied. On Monday we meet with our fertility consultant again after our last fail. We've been 'enjoying' time away from the stress and anxiety of the fertility treatment.  Plans for what to do next and once again the injections and tiredness … Continue reading Gearing up