The next phase of our fertility journey

Sadly our final free IUI cycle failed. E seemed quite upset when her period arrived 2 days later. I was upset too. One year ago it was an entirely different situation- we were in the post op recovery phase of a myomectomy for a large fibroid, but specifically we had started a 5 week epic … Continue reading The next phase of our fertility journey

Cycle 2 IUI BFN

Friday was judgement day again but E and I knew it hadn't worked. Due to E having a cold that week, her response to the result was dulled and delayed. Unfortunately because I had a crazy and busy day at work in the hot weather we're experiencing, E couldn't wait to have the pregnancy test … Continue reading Cycle 2 IUI BFN


Last Weds we did the pregnancy test and got the BFN. Unfortunately rather being able to spend time with E, I was committed to working as one of the doctors (as a volunteer) at the Glastonbury Festival 2014. I felt really bad that I was going to be away whilst E was by herself. E … Continue reading Grief