Book recommendation for expectant Dad’s

I thoroughly recommend this book to any expectant Dad's. I've found that Expectant Dad books seem to fall into 2 camps: jokey & laddy or not. This is the latter. This doesn't treat being an expectant Dad like one big joke. It treats pregnancy seriously and doesn't infantilise the men. I'm reading the relevant chapters … Continue reading Book recommendation for expectant Dad’s

Viability and still going well

25+3 weeks. Amazing. E sailed through the next big milestone: 24 weeks - our little one is viable, but if born now would be classed as very premature. Pregnancy is about milestones, especially if you've had years of failed fertility treatments. 25+3 weeks. E is 2/3 through. Wow! I am both excited and anxious. I … Continue reading Viability and still going well