‘And my infertility came up’

Just as we were about to be discharged yesterday a doctor came round to give us contraceptive advice. She went through our advice and E said that wouldn't be an issue for us as I was azoospermic and thus infertile. I had no issues with E telling the doctor because as a result of writing … Continue reading ‘And my infertility came up’

“Have a happy baby”

Approximately 4 years ago, our penultimate fertility doctor said this to us post myomectomy and today we are sat on the postnatal ward after E has given birth to our new baby girl. 😍 Since our first doctor-led antenatal clinics, we have known E would be having a planned (elective) Caesarean delivery and she has … Continue reading “Have a happy baby”

Scan update

I realise after my last blog, many of you are keen to know the result. I don't want to leave you all hanging...... 😏 .......So  the scan was done by an experienced ultrasonographer at a GP practice open on the weekend. (In the UK most GP practices are closed on the weekend unless they have … Continue reading Scan update