“Have a happy baby”

Approximately 4 years ago, our penultimate fertility doctor said this to us post myomectomy and today we are sat on the postnatal ward after E has given birth to our new baby girl. 😍 Since our first doctor-led antenatal clinics, we have known E would be having a planned (elective) Caesarean delivery and she has … Continue reading “Have a happy baby”

An avoidable situation

32+5 weeks. Things are progressing well. We had an O&G doctor antenatal clinic today. The antenatal clinic waiting room is an interesting cross section of society. An extremely young looking registrar spoke with us today. I honestly thought he was a medical student. He was very knowledgable and had a good 'bedside manner' meaning he … Continue reading An avoidable situation

Baby stuff

E is 22 weeks tomorrow. Amazing! She says has been feeling more and more baby movements but not regular enough to say it's a kick. Though her anterior placenta is reducing E's ability to feel kicks. Our little one is making themself known to the World!- well mostly E. 😁 I write themself here. And … Continue reading Baby stuff