An avoidable situation

32+5 weeks. Things are progressing well. We had an O&G doctor antenatal clinic today. The antenatal clinic waiting room is an interesting cross section of society. An extremely young looking registrar spoke with us today. I honestly thought he was a medical student. He was very knowledgable and had a good 'bedside manner' meaning he … Continue reading An avoidable situation

Half way point

I realise I've been quiet of late. Things are going great. E is 20+1 weeks pregnant. We're over half way to the finale! The 20 week scan should have been this week, but instead it's being done next week due to availability of slots. We've been thinking of things we didn't expect to be talking … Continue reading Half way point

Scan update

I realise after my last blog, many of you are keen to know the result. I don't want to leave you all hanging...... 😏 .......So  the scan was done by an experienced ultrasonographer at a GP practice open on the weekend. (In the UK most GP practices are closed on the weekend unless they have … Continue reading Scan update