‘Who do you think you are?’

On WordPress and other similar blogs there seems to be 1000s of blogs about infertility, with 99% of them by women.

It seems us men don’t want to share our worries and concerns when going through the ‘infertility rollercoaster’- well it’s not in our nature to share!

Well, I’m, trying to change that stat, one blog entry at a time.

Here’s my stats:
– Asian British (for the non Brits- Asian is generic for those from India and similar countries)

– Male. 37 yo. Work as a GP. Qualified as a Dr for 10 years now.

– Engaged to E (36 yo). White British. Been together nearly 5 years. No previous kids.

– 1 younger sibling: S, 31 yo

– Parents: deceased (Mum in 2000, Dad in 2003)

– Relation who has 8 month baby boy after using egg donation and IVF

Other interests: nice food, films, playing the guitar, playing badminton, drinking the occasional German and American wheat beer and now realising these interests are a tad dull and I’m not on computer dating anymore.


Update, 18/11/17

41 M.

Married to E.



6 thoughts on “‘Who do you think you are?’

  1. I hope to change that stat too. It’s definitely not in our nature to share, but there are some out there. We just need to give them a little push in the right direction to start talking about it.


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