A reassurance scan 

It’s 5.30am and I’m awake again.

This is unusual for me. I often sleep like a log when I go to bed. 💤

I’m trying to stay positive and supportive for E, but my anxieties of the ongoing pregnancy and E’s mental health is affecting my sleep.

Post scan on Wednesday we had a few hours of elation, but then the smudging started again. E’s anxiety rose and her pessimism.

The last 6 years of failed cycles and post failure sadness has ‘programmed’ E to expect the worst. Of course I understand it’s just a protection mechanism.

Apart from the smudging that has appeared every time E wipes after she pees (sorry bit graphic there) and occasional twinges, she has had no fresh blood or period like pain. That I find encouraging. As a GP, I know pregnant women experience bleeding in early pregnancy, but still go on to have a healthy baby.

But waiting for her planned scan next Thursday just seems too far away. So we checked locally online to see how we can pay for a private scan in between.

Reassurance scans.

It’s seems it’s a business model some private health companies offer. As long as you are 7 weeks gestation and you pay approximately £75, you can have a scan and a print out.

She is 7 weeks pregnant today. 😲😊

With the years of failure and the last miscarriage, we’re happy to pay for one of these scans every 1-2 weeks until the end of the 1st trimester, which I hope we get to.

So our scan appointment is in about 5 hours. I can’t sleep, so I’m blogging.

I really hope this scan shows everything is going well. 

These next 5 weeks will hopefully go quickly and smoothly for us both. 🤞😬

2 thoughts on “A reassurance scan 

  1. Yup have as many of those as you need! Here in Australia my OB will take stressed out patients in early and let them come for scans as much as they like. He just bulk bills for them too – So bills the standard govt rate and charges no gap. If you can find someone like that out there it is a lot cheaper and easier 😃 but whatever works. I hope it all goes well.


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