Viability and still going well

25+3 weeks.

Amazing. E sailed through the next big milestone: 24 weeks – our little one is viable, but if born now would be classed as very premature.

Pregnancy is about milestones, especially if you’ve had years of failed fertility treatments.

25+3 weeks.

E is 2/3 through. Wow!

I am both excited and anxious. I have started reading parenting books to get some idea of what to expect and hopefully what to do.

My brother in law bought me a parent to be book for new Dad’s, which though interesting, I found the overly laddy and jokey style not really to my liking. Having a baby and dealing with serious topics doesn’t have to always be dealt with lame and clichéd jokes, does it?

So based on Amazon reviews, I bought this book:

This was a very informative and easy read. Less misplaced humour but not too dour.

The other book I’ve just bought is for both of us to read, but I’ll read it first, then pass it to E.

The second book has useful lists of things needed pre delivery, postnatally and up to first few years of life. Looks a good read!

Come 28 weeks as we get closer to the planned Caesarean section, we’ll buy some more baby things but in the meantime, we need to do up our spare bedroom. Guess everyone does this. It’s a cliché, isn’t it? Especially since the baby is likely to be in our room in a cot initially before moving into the nursery.

Once this baby is born, our life will change forever. But this is what we’ve fought for the past 7 years and we hope we’re at least ok. But reading books is never the same as holding and caring for a real baby.

We know it’ll be hard work, but we’re prepared for that. We’re going in with our eyes wide open!

PS – oh yeah, the baby is moving! E often feels wooshes and occasional pokes. Baby is active at night mostly. Baby sleeps 99% of the time – great life! 😂

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