E doing amazingly!

E has been on her IVF cycle 1 treatment for 10 days so far and is doing amazingly well.

So far she has not experienced the extreme side effects of Ulipristal and Zoladex and we are thankful of that. For those unaware, when E was on the above drugs, she had a complete personality change.

On the new regime of Norethisterone and Buserelin nasal spray has experienced intermittent nausea, abdominal cramps and increases wind or parping as we call like to call it.

Whenever we both fart or break wind (and we both do it, in front of each other) we call it parping and jokingly copy the theme tune to Pearl and Dean from cinema ads in the UK.

Next week, E’s parents are visiting from abroad. I hope nothing crazy happens a la 17 April 2014 blog entry: Psycho-active drugs and the worst Xmas ever!

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