Learning some new lingo

I’m embarrased to say I’m on catch up here, because I haven’t been so prolific in my research, unlike E.

From setting up this blog and then my new Twitter account (@ukfertility), I’ve come across lots of new acronyms which E straightaway told me what they were:

AF- Aunt Flo(w)- period
BFN- Big Fast Negative
BFP- Big Fast Positive
TTC- Trying To Conceive

As a doc, I’m used to acromyms, such as ECG, BCG, ERCP, MRCP, EEG, PET, CBT, HRT and of course GP.

I’d like to introduce a new one for men, like me, who say the wrong thing when trying to make their partner feel better and trying to fix the unfixabale.

FIMS- Foot In Mouth Syndrome


Sometimes… no often, it’s best if we don’t come up with solutions and just listen!


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