How not to break new baby news

Over lunch. On a hot, sunny day. Whilst on holiday.


Unfortunately that’s what I did…

Due to the Easter bank holiday, I managed to get 6 days off work to enjoy one if those rare hot and sunny days in the UK for our stay-cation.

Prior to going away, we were aware that one of E’s friends was about to give birth- in fact she had been induced early into the weekend. Trouble is, having a best friend give birth is difficult but more so for E.

So how did I put my foot in it?

It involved poor, variable wifi access and Facebook. Suddenly I got good access and then saw the most recent Facebook update, but forgot to engage my brain with my mouth and blurted out the immortal line:

“Wow! It’s a boy”

Shit! Not a good move. E was visibly upset and went into almost panic attack mode. It’d really fucked up!

I decided to listen to my own advice and try not to fix my error and just offer support and listen to her.

I’ll try and be more careful and sensitive next time.

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