Ideas please

Posting this entry is a risk as I’m hoping E doesn’t read it.

Although she (‘She? Who’s ‘She’ the cats mother? – as E would say) follows my blog, but she, I meant E doesn’t read all of my entries.

It’s E’s birthday coming up in early Oct. It’ll upset her because she’s older and we still don’t have a baby yet or know how near we are.

E and her family tend to request presents so you know what to buy, but it does take away the surprise and getting awful presents.

I’ve already bought her two tickets to a gig she wants to see but unaware I’ve bought it. She’s (I know, I know) mentioned wanting Beats earphones- boring, but easy to get.

Also we can potentially (we both don’t know the exact date!) celebrate 5 years of being together!

So I’m thinking fancy meal, the surprise gig, fancy cans and anything else you ladies and guys think is appropriate for my gorgeous fiancée who might be in her later 30’s, but don’t tell her I said that!!!


One thought on “Ideas please

  1. Get the earphones as well as the surprise things and then the list will be perfect. She will have what she WANTS as well as a bunch of other romantic stuff that she will love more than the thing she wanted 🙂


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