An avoidable situation

32+5 weeks.

Things are progressing well. We had an O&G doctor antenatal clinic today. The antenatal clinic waiting room is an interesting cross section of society.

An extremely young looking registrar spoke with us today. I honestly thought he was a medical student.

He was very knowledgable and had a good ‘bedside manner’ meaning he was friendly, but when he tried to use the Soniscope to listen for the baby heart beat, but he struggled to find it, even mentioning his inexperience using it. But he took a lot longer than I expected to find the baby’s heartbeat causing E to get quite scared and upset.

Thankfully he he took us to a scanner and found the heart beat straightaway to huge relief.

So despite this friendly and knowledgeable registrar, I felt he showed his naivety and inexperience by plugging away with the scanner rather than just getting senior help.

So, 33 weeks in 2 days with less than 8 weeks till the planned Caesarean delivery. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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